• Rules of advertising

    Simple rules

    Dear Advertisers,

    Based on past experience, in order to better and more efficient advertising system, please, just follow the guidelines.

    First, if you want advertising frequently, the best way is to register yourself at our Site. As a member of our Site you can manage your ads, including editing, deleting, change expiration dates and so on.

    You can put an ad without registering yourself, but you can do nothing with your ad after you put it to the Site. After the expiration of the ad it will be deleted from the Site.

    So, select the category for your ad:

    1. selling
    2. buying
    3. looking for male dancer
    4. looking for female dancer
    5. other

    Compose the text for your ad clearly. In ad, please advertise only one item, except if is about some kind of a set. You can type your text directly to the provided simple editor, using formating effects such as bolding and italic, and inserting/removing links, or copying the text from simple text editor such as Notepad. At that case you have to edit links if you provided them.

    Every single ad has an own unique ID, so you can refer on it during negotiations.

    You can attach images (.jpg format is prefered) to your ad.

    As a member your contact details will be automaticaly added to you ad. Else you have to enter your contact details:

    1. name
    2. phone or cell number or
    3. e-mail address.

    All ads will be authorised by us, just to avoid any inconvenience because of the content of you ad.


    Norbi & Snješka